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Orbitstar Interactica Archive - 2008

I've become CXO at SeeqPod

In October 2007 I became CXO - Chief Experience Officer at SeeqPod, Inc. in Emeryville, California.

After knowing SeeqPod's brilliant team for nearly two years, and having had them as a client since 2006, I've jumped onboard. As CXO I'm leading User Experience and Design, with a goal of making the SeeqPod experience friendly, simple, and powerful for its users. By establishing the CXO position, SeeqPod has set an important precedent for the centrality of the User Experience and Design to its core vision and values. I'm also working with the team to develop new uses and applications for our amazing technology.

SeeqPod's a totally different breed of search & discovery technology provider. In addition to its Finance, Music and Wikipedia search & discovery engines, SeeqPod has plans to launch search & discovery engines within a variety of other verticals.

Born out of UC's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), 'Playable Search' uses biomimetic search & discovery technology, which mimics the way the human mind might use context to make and recall associations, an approach relying on context by finding hidden relationships in digital content and data.

Come check out SeeqPod for yourself, and expect more exciting things to come!

And for those of you with iPhones and numerous other mobile devices, try SeeqPod Mobile.

- James Leftwich, IDSA 1/14/2008 1:45:56PM

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